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Outsider Art | Brent Brown | Biography
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Brent Brown has been creating art since he was a small child. He calls making art “the joy of my life”. He has worked with clay to mold wonderful creature and has created paintings on paper and canvas.

Brent currently works with paper, cardboard, glue and acrylic paints to create creatures ranging from jungle animals, Gremlins, the Blues Brothers, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles to all the characters in Alice in Wonderland. He calls them puppets because he gives them moving arms, legs and heads with the use of cardboard pegs.

Brent Brown is a very talented artist and special individual. Brent suffered from a lack of oxygen at birth and later developed other mental illnesses. He loves to talk about his art and here are comments from our interview with him.

Brent was born in Indiana. As a young child he spent time at the O’Reily Children’s Hospital in Indiana. He says his talent was discovered when he was asked to draw a stick figure and he drew a fully detailed person. When very young he was inspired by Bible Books and comic books.

He has not had any formal training in art but he had a high school art teacher who was very encouraging and taught him how to work with clay, make stained glass and many other skills.

After high school he worked in a factory run by a local Organization helping people with special needs learn life skills. He always made art in his spare time- from monsters as seen in movies to clay masks of faces from all over the world, some scary, some kind. He remembers National Geographic Magazine as being a favored resource. He then started making paintings of animals.

He is living in a place for people with emotional disabilities and he is not able to use many of the materials he would like to make his art. He is now working with paper, cardboard, glue and acrylic paint to make his wonderful pieces. He refers to his pieces as puppets because he has developed a way to give them moving arms, legs and heads with the use of cardboard pegs. He would love to find a way to get back to working with clay.

When Brent starts to work he gets an idea in this head and then draws a face on cardboard. From there he keeps adding layers and details. He uses even the smallest scraps so there is little waste. He compares adding the layers to the pieces as weaving. He has very little access to a computer so he must use his memory to create characters like the Adams Family and the Three Stooges.

Brent‘s Sister and Mother are artistic and they were very encouraging to him. His Father has also been a good support. Brent loves the work of Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

He says he prefers to create creatures and animals because he loves the colors he can use. When he is in a bad mood he knows he better go create a Gremlin or other creature to cheer himself up.

Brent does not believe there is any real difference between the creations of a trained or untrained artist. He says that creating art is a joy for anyone and he is very grateful that he has the opportunity to do it. Brent feels that he has had wonderful feedback from many people. The Center where he spends his days learning work skills is decorated with his work on every wall. He says people at this church and many of the social workers that have worked with him are very supportive of his talent.

Brent has displayed pieces at a local Gallery, Doneckers; the Very Special Art Gallery in Washington, DC.; and the GoggleWorks store. The Outsider Folk Art Gallery held a show of Brent’s work in January, 2016 at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA. He had a show at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens during the Summer of 2017. He now is working out of a studio at the GoggleWorks.

Brent Brown Biography at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery
Brent Brown (1975 - )

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