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October, 2019

The Outsider Folk Art Gallery lives on!

I have assumed the ownership of the Gallery and, with the assistance of George Viener, we will continue bringing you an eclectic variety of Outsider and Folk Art for your viewing pleasure.

We will continue to focus on several of the local artists who we have been supporting for years. These artists include Jim Bloom, Sybil Roe Thompson and her mother Mary Stoudt, David “Big Dutch” Nally and Brent Brown. In addition, George has made some of his personal collection of Folk Art and Outsider Art available for sale. He is also including many of the Art Books and Catalogs he has acquired over many years of collecting. We will also include other work from well-known Outsider Artists.

We will have some new things to show you.  We will be adding many small drawings and paintings of Jim Bloom that have never been seen before.  Sybil has begun a new batch of her famous “powder room” paintings. We have introduced a “Junior” collection from Brent (see the new “Junior” tab on his cover page).  We recognize that his large works are expensive to ship and challenging to exhibit.  He is making smaller versions of his critters and he has a new line of small dog and cat paintings.

We are just now beginning to offer some very special pieces from the “Purvis of Overtown” collection gathered for the “Purvis of Overtown” film directed by David Raccuglia.

We hope you stick with us as we update our website with new items.  And please let us know what you would enjoy seeing.

Thanks so much for visiting our site,

--- Recently Added Artwork ---
November 2020

+ (4) Purvis Young Special Collection - 11/23/2020

+ (33 Brent Brown) - 11/9/2020

October 2020

+ (4) Purvis Young Special Collection - 10/12/2020

+ (11) Jim Bloom - 10/9/20
September 2020

+ (7) Art Books - 9/9/2020