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CIRCUS TERMINAL HOLLAND, Opening Saturday July 13, 2013

13 July - 24 August 2013 at Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery - Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
Local artist led the project held in Amsterdam as curator: Bert Schoonhoven

Project details:

An ongoing online collaboration among its participating artists since February 2012, the project name had been concluded as ‘Circus Terminal’, an artist led project where participating artists volunteer to host the project in their countries, since March 2012 and Launched its first exhibition and accompanied public events at The Tabernacle – London in April 2012.It departed from the UK then traveled to Spain, France, Thailand and recently the USA. It has continued showcasing work of artists from the ‘outsiders’ and ‘insiders’ world, irrespective of the artist’s educational background, in its exhibitions and contributed creative activities & events to local communities along its journeys across the sky.  Circus Terminal shares artists' experience from their 'journey' with an open interpretation though their creations in unlimited forms of art.

Circus Terminal intends to allow the project to grow by providing opportunity to more artists to join and creating new relation among diverse artist’s community to illustrate a self-reliance artists’ community. In every country the project held, local artists are invited to participate in its exhibition and other collaborative activities. After the project’s completion in each country, participating local artists have joined the touring exhibition to other of our ‘Stops’. Circus Terminal started from 41 artists from 12 different countries in its Project Launch Week – London.  The number of participating artists has been added up gradually on its routes and has reached 67 artists – 18 countries after we completed our project in Thailand in the beginning of December 2012.


'Circus Terminal USA' Participating Artists-Opening Reception Feb 15, 2013
'Circus Terminal USA' led by Emily A. Branch
67 Artists -18 different countries & 9 Invited USA Artists

Sam Clift - London, UK / Charlie W Phillips – Manchester, UK - Japan / 
MaryAnn McCarra - Fitzpatrick - NY, USA / Louise Schmid - Glasgow, UK / 
Jeff Roland - Eulmont, France / Tom McGill - NJ, USA / John McLaughlin - MI, USA / 
Noel Wong - Hong Kong / Christy Symington - London,UK / Miranda Sky - London, UK / Gareth Hughes - London, UK / Lynn Todd - Wellington, New Zealand / Pattree Chimnok - Chiang Mai, Thailand / Rinaldo Klas - Paramaribo, Suriname / Toro Manafov - Baku, Azerbaijan / Chris Czainski - Halifax, UK / Liz Parkinson - North Avoca NSW, Australia / Danni Higman - Manchester, UK / Dion Hitchings – Outsider Art Gallery - NJ, USA /

Padungsak Kochsomrong - Chiang Mai, Thailand / Anna Luisa Dionello - London, UK / Ciara Foster - Dublin, Ireland / Erin Lee Benson - FL, USA / Katie Hawker- Surface Arts – Chiang Thailand - UK / 

Joshua Haycraft - BHBITB – Washington DC, USA / Paul Czainski - Halifax, UK / Gustav Glander - Barcelona, Spain / Josianne Ishikawa – Yamanashi, Japan - USA / Julia Sisi - Canarias, Spain / Sejin Park - Seoul, Korea-UK / 

Chakkrit Chimnok - Chiang Mai, Thailand / Andrew Stahl - London, UK / Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok) – London, UK - Thailand / Werens (Ramon Puig) - Barcelona, Spain / François Nasica - Nice, France / Charles Auchincloss,

Edward Kingsbury III, Edward Woltemate Jr., David "Big Dutch" Nally, Jim Bloom – Represented by 

Outsider Folk Art Gallery - PA, USA / Sheona Josiah – London, UK / Carlo Keshishian - London, UK /

Ilya Scurovs – London, UK – Latvia / Clare Rosean – Chicago, USA / Kobina Wright – California, USA / 

Ascension Lorente Huguet – Kent, UK - Spain / Roberta Requena - Viña del Mar, Chile / Dan Casado - Canarias, Spain / Bert Schoonhoven – Amsterdam,The Netherlands / Marianne Aspairt – Metz, France /

Stanley Artworth – Metz, France / Farad Ibrahimovic - Murau, Austria / Donna Kuhn – NM, USA /

Soodie Whitaker, CA - USA / Pier Makanda, KZN (Kwa Zulu-Natal) - South Africa / Boonsong Rodthab – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Jamjuree Suktuy – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Claudio Barier – Aires, Argentina /

Olarn Plubplon – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Ploy Kasom – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Wattanopon Kitburin – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Dontree Siribunjongsak – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Niam S. Mawornkanong – Chiang Mai, Thailand / Albert Palen – Barcelona, Spain / Nina Mrđenovič – Portoroz, Slovenia / Daniel Chrisjohn Benson - Oregon, USA / Sittiporn Banjongpetch – Bangkok, Thailand / Chris McBride - Ayutthaya, Thailand/Scotland and counting........

'Invited USA Artists'

Michelle Connolly - Wilmington NC / Ellen Sall - Philadelphia PA / 
Linda Lou Horn - Philadelphia PA / Bob Wood - Boyertown PA / Alison Silva - North Bergen NJ /

David Gerbstadt – Berwyn, PA / Root 222(A theurgist symbol-generating alchemical supercomputer relating an intuitive and mathematical hieroglyphic language as manifested in the pop-surrealist paintings of Deric Hettinger - Reading PA, Anthony Mark - Lancaster PA and Schon Wanner - Lancaster PA: www.root222.com

Photo: Circus Terminal in 'Raw News' - 'RAW VISION',

an international art magazine - hard copy (#77 Winter 2012 Issue)

Digital Preview: www.rawvision.com

Thanks to our sponsors and collaborative partners:

'Circus Terminal Worldwide' initiated by 'Uncooked Culture'



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