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Outsider Art | Teresa Cline | Biography
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Teresa Cline, aka “The Marble Lady,” was born in Hammond, Indiana in 1951. She has worked as a medical courier in Ohio, and now lives in Eastern Kentucky where she worked as vendor selling marbles in a flea market.
In 1997, Teresa developed a severe case of vertigo that prevented her from working outside the home. At this time she started drawing compulsively, using a variety of pigmented ink markers to render complex, non-representational, geometric abstractions. Prior to this time, her only training in art came from her father who taught her how to color within the lines of drawings published in coloring books. She is part Cherokee Indian and she believes that her Native American sensitivity to the natural world influences what she draws.

Teresa Cline’s intricate designs completely fill each page with meticulous, repetitive abstractions that are characteristic of such traditional types of artistry as weaving, and pottery decoration -- an impulse that found its most recent expression in the Pattern and Decoration Movement of the 1970s.  A child of her times, Cline’s drawings also reflect the flash of sixties psychedelia, the intricacies of automotive pin striping, and formal geometry of various kinds of Postmodern Art.

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