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Outsider Art | Ted Ludwiczak | Biography
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Ted Ludwiczak emigrated from Poland and became a U.S. citizen in 1961. He retired from a job making contact lenses in 1986. After his wife died he moved to Haverstraw, N.Y. where his daughter was living, into a small house on the Hudson River. Ted began to go by the river and look at rocks. He saw faces in some of them. He took those rocks and refined the faces he saw, working them with rudimentary carving tools. He surrounds his property with the heads, creating a beautiful environment of fields of stone faces.

Ted’s stone heads range in size from six inches to over four feet! Working these massive stones would be a task for anyone, but in his early 80’s the skill and strength Ted displays is impressive. Instead of making lighter, smaller objects as he gets older like many artists, Ted seems to defy the physical laws of aging, challenging himself by working on larger, more ambitious pieces. Ted is personally attached to his heads, and says that after he creates them he needs an extended “honeymoon” period before he can part with them. 

Recently, “Home and Garden” television did a video interview with Ted in his environment. 

Theodore “Ted” Ludwiczak (Born 1926 Mlawa, Poland)

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