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Edward began his artistic focus when he came down with Crohn`s disease in early 1998.  Since then Edward has developed his own technique.  He is a self taught artist.  Through the years the artwork has been therapeutic and enlightening.  

Edward works in many mediums.  The main focus of his work is to allow the mind to be free and in a meditative state.  The visuals that are created can be shared by others as well as the viewer can have their own interpretation of the work.  The artist is continually challenging himself to reach for a new experience in his art.  The titles of his work represent a new moment in life.  He creates words based on free thought and has no intention of the title meaning anything but the representation of that particular piece.

Edward allows his mind to wander as he creates.  He allows life’s experiences and feelings to be as unstructured as possible in his works.  This freedom in his work creates many positive experiences while working on a piece.  His main focus is to continually work with new tools to explore his artistic capabilities.

Edward Kingsbury III biography picture at the Outisder Folk Art Gallery Edward Kingsbury III

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